Movie Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Movie Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past.


With Disney milking The Avengers for all it’s worth, (granted I will admit I was impressed with Thor 2 and Cap 2). It seems only fitting that Fox does the same with X-men. In what has become the trend for Marvel, the end of “Wolverine” gave a snippet where Xavier and Magneto approached Wolverine at an air port, saying they needed his help. This is the film that follows with that story.

Days of Future Past actually begins quite ¬†a ways into the future. The world is ravaged by a war which begun between mutants and mutant hunter robots known as “Sentinels”, however, the Sentinels soon turned on humans who held the mutant gene to potentially sire mutant children, as well as any humans who helped mutants. Essentially the world is pretty messed up, and it’s up to a small group of mutant resistance to save it.

I will spare you the gritty details, but Wolverine is sent back in time (via his consciousness) to re-unite a separated Xavier and Magneto, whilst working to stop the events that brought about the Sentinels rise.

I have to say, this is easily the strongest of all the X-men films to date, in my opinion anyway, I know several favour X2. The characters are well established from all fronts, with fan favourites returning (Shadowcat, Ice-man, and Colossus) as well as some new face (Blink, Bishop, and Sunspot to name a few. Although the marketing team has done well to give Quicksilver a fair old share of the trailer which I felt was mostly delivered in the final product.) I would also say, this is probably the darkest of the X-men films so far. There are some scenes of violence which, whilst not exactly gory, did make me wonder how suitable this film was for kids. (which there will be plenty of in the audience with the 12A certificate.) That being said though, the action scenes were all pretty ace, and the cameo X-men’s new array of powers made for some nice sequences.

The acting was all great, but to be fair, you have a great cast here. James McAvoy, ¬†Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and of course Ian Mckellan. All well known and well praised in their own rights, it’s tough to get it wrong really, oh yea, and Jennifer Lawrence did another good job as Mystique :).

I don’t want to go into too much because it’s hard to not talk about the action without giving snippets away. I did really enjoy this film and was quite happy with the outcome of it all. One thing I will say though, the world needs to bloody get over Wolverine. Yes he is practcally immortal, and yes he has nice shiny claws, but for christ’s sake, there are so many much better mutants out there!! I can only hope Age of Apocalypse gives the rest of the mutants the chance to shine they really deserve!