Tweaking and updating Training

Tweaking and updating Training

Early into this year,  I decided to review how I train, and how I can take it further.

For the last couple years, my workouts have mostly Consisted of weight lifting,  with the odd cardio class (usually spinning) thrown into the mix. However, earlier this year I started to find a staleness to my training which led to to look into how I can change things.
After a change in gym, I started to pursue Calisthenics (Bodyweight training), as I liked the variation it had in terms of multiple difficulties. E.G, once you have mastered the L-sit (Not easy) you can then move to the V-sit (Crazy not easy).

Calisthenics is fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing the weight lifting… I started to consider doing both… then I thought about how I could integrate Kettlebell training as well. My potential answer… Rotation training! (for lack of a better phrase… )

Essentially what this is, one week Lifting weights, one week Kettlebells and one week Calisthenics. The way I train for each week will be different as Lifting will be specific body splits, Kettlebells will be more full body,and Calisthenics will have upper / Lower splits. What I am hoping is that I will be be consistently able to shock my body and challenge it to grow and develop!

I’ll keep you updated as I go :) Below is where I am to date with progress (12/10/2014)

Hasta Luego! Mother truckers!!