About Dynamic Geek.


So who is the Dynamic Geek?

My names Jonathan Franklin, I’m in my twenties and I am a geek…Nice to meet ya!

So what makes me Dynamic? I love computer games, movies, reading, have an interest in comics, especially Manga, and generally love all things internet…. all things standard geeky.

But! I am also into my health and fitness big time… I train at the gym regularly and take part in Parkour, also known as free running… (think street gymnastics and you can get an idea of what I am going with. )

What is the purpose of this blog?

Well…this is the next bit of my being Dynamic… This blog is about learning as much as it is about sharing.

I have a lot of interests in life, including SEO, of which I have recently started to work in.
For those who don’t know… SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is essentially the process of improving a website’s visibility to make it rank higher on search engines. (In the UK where I am based this is typically within Google)

So this blog is my own personal SEO project… what more motivation does one need then to push their own product?

whilst this is an exercise in learning SEO, it’s also an exercise in learning web design.
Digital is huge… and it’s only getting bigger, so it pays to have skills in as many area’s as possible around it.

Thirdly… I like to talk… I’m passionate about my interests and I want to express my opinions and discuss them… what better soapbox to stand upon then my own blog!

So welcome to my world… Pull up a chair… read some of my entries and leave me a comment… I welcome all suggestions as I build my site and look forward to making new friends in this big ole digital world!

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3 thoughts on “About Dynamic Geek.

  1. Ryan

    I like the look of the website, geeky boy! More movie reviews, so I dont waste my time on Love Film.. ha ha!

    Keep the good work!

  2. Lee Silvester

    Cool blog! Stumbled across from Grindr and seem to have spent ages reading your entries :)

    Happy new year, following you on twitter too!

    Lee x

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